Acorn Alchemy


The Empress

The Empress represents the divine feminine. She embodies the High Priestess’s energy and brings life to this world through her creations. In most Tarot decks, the Empress is depicted in nature, surrounded by foliage, plants, and animals, representing the idea that divinity is present in each of these life forms. The Empress’s role is to …

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tarot for spiritual alchemy

Tarot for Spiritual Alchemy: Introduction

An alchemist strives for proficiency in the art of transmutation (converting base metals into precious metals). Spiritual alchemy uses the metaphor of transmutation for pursuing soul growth and development. A spiritual alchemist works toward inner transformation by fine-tuning their thoughts, feelings, desires, and actions to achieve greater balance and harmony with the spiritual and physical …

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The Fool's Journey

Spiritual Alchemy: The Fool’s Journey

The Fool’s Journey The Fool’s Journey is a classic tarot story that describes the Fool, the first Major Arcana archetype, and their journey toward spiritual alchemy. Through their journey, The Fool will meet and interact with the remaining twenty-one Major Arcana archetypes. Each archetype the Fool connects with will share a bit of guidance and wisdom. …

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